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Resusci Junior Basic with hard case

The Resusci Junior manikin offers realistic, high-quality child CPR education. It has full-body construction and use of an optional SkillGuide performance indicator and optional water rescue set. - Realistic anatomical body and landmarks provide the essential features necessary to learn realistic child handling and quality child CPR skills - Life-like size and weight of a 5-year-old child simulates the problems encountered in a real-life rescue - Bilateral carotid pulse simulation to realistically check for pulse - Disposable non-rebreathing airways are suitable for use by more than one student during class and are quick and easy to change after each training session - Natural obstruction of the airway allows students to learn the important technique of opening the airway so that in a real-life situation they know how to effectively administer air to the patient - Realistic resistance for chest compressions allows the students to experience the amount of pressure needed to perform proper chest compressions in a real-life situation - Optional SkillGuide CPR performance indicator provides immediate objective feedback on ventilation duration and volume, compression depth and hand position - Optional water rescue kit provides students with the chance to experience lifelike water rescue techniques required by the age group depicted by the manikin - Including transport case, training mat. 4 face skins, 4 airways, 1 bottle disinfection fluid and instruction manual. Version basic with hard case.
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